This is where it all began:

I bought my first camera when I was about 15 and instantly fell in love with photography. I spent several years as a baby sitter and nanny working with children. I used them as my models and inspirations while provided photographs to families for free.  I did this for years with little expectation that I would someday want to build a photography business of my own. 

Some years passed and I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. I spent three years traveling through lovely landscapes and getting intrench in new and exciting cultures. I met a ton of people and made a lot of friends. 

This is me in the city of Florence Italy. I couldn't understand the people or the sign, but they where great musicians. We shared a moment and a memory that will never be forgotten. 

While abroad I joined a photography club, improved my skills and eventually began teaching photography to other amateurs. This ultimately lead to me becoming the president of the photo club. I had a great time working with other photographers from different parts of the world. We would set up model shoots and photography tips. It was a blast. 

This is the train my friends and I would take from our home to Venice Italy. These where some wonderful times that I really cherish. 

I've met lots of interesting people while traveling and I generated a ton of fine art pieces, which you can view and order from my galleries. I developed a genuine love for photography and people. 

I took this picture after hiking to the top of a mountain in Austria. It was exhausting and cold, but where else are you gonna get a view like this. 

Every since I started this journey, I have found inspiration in making memories. The picture it self tells a small part of the story that is life, but the memories of the journey lives for ever in the photograph. I love making new friends and making new memories. I can't wait to share a photo shoot and a memory with you and your family.